Mrs. Polleras: Picoso gets an adventure

¿Yo no habla español?, no problem.  We have released last week in Amazon Kindle, this lovely book «Mrs. Polleras: Picoso gets an adventure« in english for all those children and parents living in Panama, who wants to learn more about our beautiful countryside, folk customs and traditional life.

Mrs. Polleras are fictional characters that live in Panama’s countryside, in a secluded town located in Cerro Guacamaya, between the Penonomé and La Pintada districts, in the Coclé province.

The population in this pretty town lives a healthy, quiet and traditional life, in keeping with their folk customs. They defend values such as pacifism, humility, the simple life and hard work.

This whimsical illustrated story deals with the adventures of a young rooster called Picoso who, bored with his day to day life, goes in search of new experiences.